An Eyecare Teleconsultation solution like no other

We've created a solution for Eye care professionals to create on the fly virtual waiting rooms and allow them to interact with patients with absolutely NO installation required

Remotely impossible just got so 2019

Virtual waiting


Connect to your current EMR

No installation required

Created by people who know the Eye care industry

Don't worry, it just works

No installation needed

Just use our standalone service or integrate Vysio Express to your current EMR you will be able to communicate quickly with your patients with a single click.

Patients will be able to complete their patient forms and attach any pertinent documents while waiting for their turn to be seen.

Once in the tele-consultation with you, you will be ale to conduct simple eye tests* integrated in the platform and document cases by sending consult pictures to your current EMR.

Vysio Express is here to make a difference in these challenging times

Vysio was created years ago to help with remote consulting by connecting eye care diagnosis devices together including remotely controlling them. With the recent events, the Vysio team decided to transform Vysio into Vysio Express to offer an additional service that would be tailored made for Eye care professionals as standalone product or connect to their current solution via simple APIs.

The Founders

Denis Sarrazin

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President of Vysio, Denis has more than 20 years experience in ophthalmology cofounding Instruments ophtalmiques Innova. During his years at Innova and his other ventures after that Denis has built strong relationships with international manufacturers, researchers, ophthalmologists and optometrists.

Jean-Françcois Durocher

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He's probably currently in between meetings with clients and playing with new crazy servers. Self taught, JF is the technology guy that finds the tools and ways around any problem. He is the brain behind many of the current tech used in ophthalmology and optometry clinics all over Canada. Medical devices, servers or scripts it doesn't matter, he'll find a way to have them all talk together.

Mathieu Néron

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No one knows where Mathieu really is. Most just can't keep up with him. Not your average computer guy Mathieu has great peoples skills allowing him to get all the information he needs to build incredibly relevant tools and features for his clients. He is the programming brain behind the best eye care software available today.  A true master in his craft.

*The professional, by using, using theses tools understands that he is accepting and understands that the Vysio eye test tools are not to be considered as a replacement or the equivalent for a regular eye exams, the included tools are not approved by any association or government body nor are replacing regular in clinic eye tests. The tools are for reference only.

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