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More than 15 years of


We know how an Ophthalmology chart works


A proven


Used in Canada from coast to coast, our EyeVu software as become over time a standard and essential for Ophthalmology and all its subspecialties.


EyeVu was built from the ground up with the help of the most prominent Ophthalmology experts in Canada. Tecksoft still continue building its software with its users. These improvements allows EyeVu to stay at front of the pack for eye care related software. 

Your patients, everywhere

With EyeVu being at your clinic or on the road you will always have a secure access to your patient's information. You will be able to use our custom made mobile Apps for your EyeVu.



With EyeVu connect to all your medical devices using only one easy to use interface and see all your results together no matter the brand.


Tecksoft is investing a lot in research and development and you can benefit from this while using the numerous tools built over the years.


Self check-in kiosks, Automated calls and Artificial intelligence to better direct your patients are just some examples of the continuous development at Tecksoft. 



self hosted

Buying servers and doing maintenance on them can cost a lot this is why Tecksoft offers EyeVu as a cloud platform so you don't have to worry about backups, performance and reliance, Tecksoft takes care of that for you.

For Healthcare centers Tecksoft also offer locally hosted versions of EyeVu for full control.

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