EyeVu Consent App

The EyeVu Consent app soon to be available in the Google Play Store allows our clients with the FolderVu module installed in EyeVu to be able to use Android tablets to have their patient sign[…]

Tecksoft + Opfront

Tecksoft today highlights its partnership with Opfront a solution that offers online sales via a web based solution connected directly with our own OptoClick’s inventory. This solution is specially designed for independent optometry clinics. Opfront offers independent optometrists[…]

ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 Renewal

Tecksoft is announcing today the reaffirmation of its quality engagement and good business management towards its customers with the renewing of her ISO 9001  quality management and ISO 13485 quality management system for the design and manufacture[…]

Tecksoft + iFocus Canada

Tecksoft is proud to announce the signature of an agreement with the cooperative Regard Action/iFocus Canada. Tecksoft becomes an accredited provider for the cooperative and now offers its revolutionary OptoClick software to all Regard Action/iFocus Canada members.[…]